Using gui to run cmdline mount script

Hi All…

Just working on something, and not sure if i am going the right way about it.

Problem: Macs with 10.4.x or less have issues mounting a samba share that have more than a few terrabytes available. It’s fixed in 10.5, but we’ve found we can get around it on 10.4.x or less using command line mount_smbfs.

So what i want to do is make it easy for the end user to double click an app, it asks for username and password, and runs the mount_smbfs command.

Using the built in applescript what i have so far is this:

set varpath to "/Users/testuser/Desktop/mountpoint"
set iusername to text returned of (display dialog "Enter username" with title "Login..." default answer "" butoons {"Continue..."} default button 1)
set ipassword to text returned of (display dialog "Enter password" with title "Password..." default answer "" butoons {"Continue..."} default button 1 with hidden answer)
do shell script "mount_smbfs //" & iusername & ":" & ipassword & "@<> " & varpath

Which works… on 10.4.x… but on 10.3.x the textbox actually displays the password, so the hidden answer attribute doesn’t work.

How can i get this to work on all 10.x machines?

Any help appreciated.

If you leave the username and password off the mount command, it doesn’t prompt through the normal finder interface?