Using Objective C and AppleScript outlets in the same ASOC app?

I’m trying to mix AppleScript and Objective C outlets in the same ASOC app, but I can’t get the Objective C outlets to work.

I’m defining IBOutlet and IBAction items in my Objective C class, but Interface Builder doesn’t seem to notice them.

Or is this something that is not supposed to work in ASOC?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have an instance of the Objective-C class in IB?

There should be no issue having outlets or actions pointing to interface elements
from multiple files, whether they be ASOC or Objective-C.

Ah! I forgot to import the class via Read Class Files… from the IB File menu.


It sounds like you’ve turned off syncing in IB’s preferences. Have a look in Preferences → General, and click on the first checkbox.

Thanks, but I have the first three items checked in Preferences → General.

I think this is another instance of the problem that I reported here:

I thought I fixed it by completely uninstalling and reinstalling Xcode, with a few system restarts thrown in for good measure, but apparently, that’s not the case, after all. :frowning: