using python and applescript

How can I integrate python and applescript, besides running code via osascript and python respectively?

A quick search revealed that AE modules aren’t developed nor patched anymore [1], the appscript bridge neither developed nor supported [2] and other results seem dated.

I don’t have at the moment a specific need, it’s more a generic curiosity.


The PyObjC is still supported AFAIK, it may no longer be shipped on a standard MacOS (it still is on El Capitan) but is fully supported. While PyObjC is far from new (supported since 2003) it made the AE and AppleScript Python modules obsolete. I think it was quite obvious why they dropped their support, it’s just a different way of coding in Python. The power of Python is its simplicity and making sure that there is only one way to skin the cat is one of the things to keep programming simple.

I’m using PyObjC a lot in SublimeText3 (ST3) for runing and compile applescript to run a linter, builder and runner for instance.

Yeah, PyObjC is still around (last release from a couple of weeks ago), but it seems quite an overkill for most simple interactions.