using screencapture to record a short video?

It’s been quite a while, so forgive me while I brush the cobwebs from my knowledge of applescript… but in theory all I’m trying to do is write a simple script that would take a succession of screen shots that I could later assemble to reenact (with some degree of fluid motion) the movements and actions seen on my computer screen.

I know there’s programs out that there that can just record your desktop BUT I was hoping to see if I couldn’t write a script that would do the same thing. Since what I’m trying to document would only be ONE or TWO seconds at most I thought I’d try the most rudimentary approach first.

I borrowed this script from one that was written to take “time-lapse” photos… I just took out the delays. However, when I run this script it still takes about a second or two between screenshots. What I need is something that’s gonna repeat 15 to 20 times A SECOND! Is there someway to speed up the repeat OR is there any other way to achieve what I’m after via applescript???

set save_location to (choose folder with prompt "Choose where to save screenshots")

repeat with shotcount from 1 to 15
	do shell script "screencapture " & quoted form of POSIX path of save_location & "screen" & (shotcount as string) & ".jpg"
end repeat


Browser: Firefox 3.0.19
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

i think you should consider Jing, its a better solution.

have 3 or 4 ‘apps’ and run them one after another. while one is taking a screenshot, the next one is starting and can take a shot. Just use the ‘ignoring application responce’ tag thing.

ignoring application responses
repeat 100 times
	tell application "Pic1" to run
	delay 0.1
	tell application "Pic2" to run
	delay 0.1
	tell application "Pic3" to run
	delay 0.1
	tell application "Pic4" to run
	delay 0.1
end ignoring