using spotlight (mdfind) to find universal binaries?

hello all,

I would like to use mdfind to find apps wich have the universal binary application kind…
I’ve searched a lot, but the best I can do with mdfind is to get the apps, but it doens’t separate the PPC from the UB…
The reason for using mdfind, is because it’s faster than the find, and also because the find method finds the UB but also shows the ones inside the packages (and I would like to get the “main” apps)…

the find code is as follows (myPath is the path that I will use)

2>/dev/null find /myPath -type f -perm +111 -exec lipo -info '{}' ';' | grep -w i386

Anyone knows of a solution for this?

(OS X 10.4.6)