Using the 'current date' function

I need to know how to see if the script has already been used once in one day. I read in the Standard Additions Dictionary that the ‘current date’ function can use things like ‘day of current date’. I need to compare a property that holds the ‘current date’ to see if it is the ‘day of current date’ but I can’t figure out how to do this. Please help me and tell me how to see if the ‘current date’ is the ‘day of current date’.

Thanks in advance,

Terry, I did a search at our Script Buiders page for “daily” and came up with a few examples of scripts that may help you.

Daily Scripts

Download a few of the scripts that are listed as editable, they may give you some clues on how to accomplish your task. Try David Lloyds “Once Daily” for instance.

Those really helped! Thanks for giving me the information.