Using the importFile command from the Illustrator CC AS Dictionary

Here is the dictionary entry
importFile (verb)Import the file into current Ai document (from Adobe Illustrator Suite)
importFile document ¬
from file ¬
is linked boolean

Here is my script

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set theDoc to current document
set itemRef to importFile theDoc ¬
		from file ¬
		"Macintosh HD:Users:chrisndeca:Downloads:helloworld.jpg" without is linked
end tell

This script running with Illustrator 25.3 gives me a Parameter Error every time it is run. I have narrowed the error down to being with the “file” parameter and not the document parameter. I have tried Posix File, I have tried posix path, I have tried an alias for the file parameter, but none of them work. What the heck am I missing?

Or is Illustrator just broken when it comes to “importFile”?