v2 code signing AS Studio apps

I’m still maintaining some AS Studio apps, built with Xcode 3.26 on OS X 10.7.5. I understand all apps will need to be code signed with v2, for compatibility with Mavericks + going forward. Can this be done directly in Xcode 3.26 with some kind of plug-in? Or if it needs to be done in the terminal, can it be done on 10.7.5? How? Should I let Xcode continue to sign built-apps, and then re-sign them after building?



They will need to have v2 signatures for compatibility with GateKeeper in future versions of the OS. If you’re not distributing them publicly, that shouldn’t be a problem. And if you are, I’d be more worried about whether they’ll keep working anyway.


No. The new signing process relies in part on stuff built into the OS.

No. Sign them in Terminal under Mavericks or later.

Thanks, shane. I know, it’s rather a losing battle. but at least I’ll try. any pointers or tutorials on how to sign them in terminal?

I’d imagine it’s just:

codesign --force --sign “Developer ID Application: Shane Stanley” <code/bundle/path>