Validate Email Using AppleScript?

Hello everyone,

Long time since I posted, but I am back to working on a project. I was wondering if it was possible to recognize if an email address is valid using AppleScript. I know there are a few websites that do this for you, but I would prefer if that wasn’t needed. I’ve already made an applescript that looks for the “@” and “.com” in the email, but I was hoping there was a more reliable way.


Check this thread:

Already looked at that… I’m not looking for a valid format, I need actual verification.

There is something interesting in that thread though. If you go to the email validating website it actually connects to the mail server and sees if the email address is valid. I’m trying to do that through applescript but I might have to write it in bash/shell script.

If you ever succeed, please share :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why a reputable server would let a third party know that my email address was available for them to spam.