Vanishing Image Events Dictionary

This might be a bit of a stupid question, but its got me stuck.

The Image Events Dictionary, no longer appears in the library window of the Applescript Editor.
I looked in the System/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ folder, but no sign of it there, this was the
place I always thought it was kept.

I am running OSX Lion 10.7.2, has the location of these standard scripting addition ditionaries been moved ?

It is very starnge, as I was using this Dictionary only two days ago, and I opened it from the Library Window
in Applescript Editor, and I have done no software upgrading for a couple of weeks, any ideas whats happened ?

Regards Mark


Image Events is a faceless application located in /System/Library/CoreServices, not a scripting addition

Thanks Stefan

Its weird how the Image Events Dictionary dissapeared from the Applescript Editor Library window.

Just out of interest, are the other app’s in the Core Services folder FBA’s with Dictionaries ?

Many Thanks

Regards Mark

AppleScript Utility,
Database Events,
Folder Actions Dispatcher,
Folder Action Setup,
Image Events,
Printer Setup Utility,
Screen Sharing,
System Events and
Voice Over

have scripting dictionaries

Thanks Stefan

I shall have to investigate the dictionaries for these other app’s, there may be something useful in there.

Regards Mark