Variable in one script usable in a different one?

Is it possible to do this:

Input a value in a input box;
by pressing a button, that value gets added to a list;
then, calling the value from the list through a drop-down menu;
and applying that value where it is supposed, by pressing another button;
all in different scripts?

thank you for the help

Sure, why not?

Make sure that you link the correct scripts to the button in interface builder.

I can imagine that you may want to use preferences in one script and read that in another.
When you want that read this

So, i’ll be able to pick up the value from script #1 and #2 (the input script) and use them in the script #4 (the script that chooses the account)?

i have another question.

i have the popup button “Choose Account” assigned to the script “login”
i want to make it that the popup button lists the items from property “X” (for example)

who can i do that?