vCard add to Addressbook Server

I’d like to know how to add a vCard to Addressbook Server. I have a FileMaker DB with a build in script to generate vCards. Now it puts them to the desktop and I have to import them manually to the proper place, i. e. Addressbook Server or a group therein. I only found solutions here to put vCards to local Addressbook groups but no one tells about my issue.



It is rather difficult to help you because most of us doesn’t run the server at all. So it is not so easy.

By the way have you checked out how or if you can synchronize a local address book with the address book server.
Have you read the documentation about that? Maybe you could first import to a local address book, and then
synchronize it with the server?

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Thanks for reply. That’s what I’m doing.
So I need the addresses locally anyway (synch with iPhone), I’ll keep it this way. :wink: