Verifying line thickness in Illustrator 10

[b] I’m very much a “newbie” to scripting trying to write a script in Illustrator 10 (Mac OS 10.2.8) that will verify that all lineweights on a single page document are at least .50 pts. thick. I’ve attached a simple script that works in Quark, but cannot seem to alter the script to work in Illustrator. I would appreciate any ideas…

tell application "QuarkXpress 4.01"
tell every page of document 1
set width of (every line box whose width <0.50) to 0.50
end tell
end tell

tell application “Illustrator CS”
set stroke width of (every path item of document 1 whose stroke width < 0.5) to 1.0
end tell

This should work in Illustrator 10. Do NOT use “page item” for this as this includes groups.

-Have Fun
Jim Neumann

A million thanks … Works like a charm!

Rod V