Very new to applescript and trying to create a specific script

Hey there, I’m brand new to Applescript and I’m a little lost with the finder actions.

I’m trying to make a script which will:

mount an external server (I’ve gotten this far)
find all the mp3 files in a specific folder and its subfolders and add them to itunes on my computer
move all the contents of that folder to another folder on the server

so far I think this should be simple, I’m just unable to figure out how to make a selection of the mp3’s. The tricky part comes in that I then want to pick out torrent files on my computer which match the names of the folders which have been moved to the server and move them to a folder on said server. I then want the server to open those torrent files with its default app (via remote desktop or ssh or something).

can anyone point me in the direction of what I should be reading to figure this out?


Just use the search function of this website and search for “add files to itunes” or something similar. I know this type of question has been answered before.

Someone else is asking this type of question right now…