Video - AppleScriptObjC - Getting Started Part 1

I just uploaded a new video. It is free for a short time so get yours soon. There will be more to follow. Lots more!

Promo code is ACT1001-FREE




For the benefit of others I’ll ask -is there any point buying for free if you’re giving the link? Is there more?

I would say people will be thinking “ahh I don’t have a controller cube!”, :/.

Yes, this item is only free for a short time. After that it will be $5.00.

Not sure what you mean here.

Your site advices me I’ve cookies disabled (untrue, using Safari).
And when I insert coupon code it continues asking for $5… is that normal?


Yes, you will need to create an account first and login for the discount to take effect. It will not let you checkout without an account.

After you create the account, let me know if you still have issues with the cookies or the checkout process. Once you have checkout out, click on the view details link and that will provide you with a download link for the movie. You will also receive an email with the link as well.




If you are new and just opened the xib of a new project and then watched your tutorial I would be completely stumped about where your ‘controller’ cube is. I know and you know why and how but a new person won’t.

Hi Richard,

Yea, there is only so much you can put into one video. That is why this is a series. Part 2 will go into detail about how everything works. I know when I first get started in something I want to see some results. That is why the first one quickly builds an application. Now that the interest and excitement is up, detailed learning will be easier.


Already registered an still get

When submit the promo code


Try now. I am still learning this new system but I think I have it correct now.

yes, it’s working now


Half way through, I must ask:

Why exactly shouldn’t I use AppDelegate for standard tasks? Dialog Maker worked fine before with about 20+ handlers in AppDelegate, the only reason I have added more scripts is due to my adding of views/features, now AppDelegate handles app based things including view changes and commonly used methods and has about 12+ handlers, it works just as fine as it did before.

it is all about compartmentalizing. You can put everything into one class and that’s ok for small projects. Large projects would be very difficult to build and maintain if all of the code was placed into one file.

In upcoming videos I will explain all about MVC (Model, View, Controller) and demonstrate building applications using this design pattern.



I had 1000+ lines before version 2! It wasn’t too hard to manage to be honest, you just need to recognise the little popup which sends you to properties and handlers. If anything the unreliable document editor selection is worse “please fix Apple!”.

Seen it all, obviously, useless to me :lol: but brilliant to new people, well done. :slight_smile:

Suggestions for part 2:
-How to read documentation including the fact that some methods you need are in parents.
-Closing and opening windows, this could come off the previous section, e.g. “OK so lets find out how to do this from the documentation” kind of thing.
-IB settings perhaps, show people how to customise windows and objects in all sorts of things e.g. textured, send on end editing/send on enter only, sizing, toolbars, hiding etc.
-And off that maybe our crucial setHidden_ method. You could show a button action which does this to a text field or something:

if (textField's isHidden()) is true then
textField's setHidden_(false)
textField's setHidden_(true)
end if

Which should toggle it, this shows isHidden too.

Hi Craig,

I registered, and I enter the code and hit “Submit” but it just takes me to checkout and then paypal with the $5.00 fee.


Hi Rob,

Once you click submit, it should put in the credit but should not take you on through checkout. You should still need to click the “checkout” button. There have been several download and I just checked it again. Not sure what is happening here. The coupon is working even when not logged in.

Would you mind trying again? Maybe clear the cart, logout and log back in again.



All good suggestions. Thanks for the input. I am planning out a full series so I should be able to get most of these in.

Oh and I wouldn’t go confusing people with bindings like the other part 2, they have just learned properties.:lol:

Hi Craig,

Yes it works now. I logged out and back in and all went as expected.

Will check video out tomorrow.

Thanks, Rob

And where do you find said link? Nothing showing here. I’m left with a cart of NaN items…