Video Mirroring

First off, I’m a noob.

That being said, my mission is to create a tiny eveny that flips the Mirroring of my Powerbook display on and off, so that I can easily switch to and fro “movie mode” without having to go into the Display menu or the Preferences.

First attempt:

I downloaded Mark J. Lilback’s Toggle Video Mirroring scripting addition, put it in my ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions folder and tried to run the command in an applescript saying simply Toggle Video Mirroring 1 (as stated in Mark’s readme). No luck; the scripting editor complained about Syntax Error, saying “An identifier cannot go after this identifier”. I messed around with it, but finally gave up.

Now, Mark’s osax is 7 years old, so I imagine it’s simply outdated. Problem is, it’s the only thing I’ve found on the web that claims to be able to toggle between mirrored and non-mirrored mode, so I’m pretty much stuck. Can anyone shed some light on where to go next?

What version of Mac OS X & PB are you using? On my PB, I believe F7 toggles video mirroring.


Powerbook G4 Titanium (1Ghz), running latest Panther (10.3.2 or something).

Are you saying my best solution is to send a keystroke? Since it isn’t really F7 to toggle Video Mirroring, it’s actually the function button that doubles as F7. I don’t think it will work (but I will of course try it once I get home).

But I really want to be able to change screen resolutions and such in the future, so the F7 workaround is not the permanent solution I’m after. Maybe it isn’t possible?