View-based table problem - Xcode 6.2

I am relatively new to ApplescriptObjc but I have created a number of utility scripts but now I have a more complex task that requires tables with images and text. I would like to use view-based tables but cannot get one to display any data. I’ve tried to find examples but most are Objective C or cell based tables. I have gotten as far as getting the table to show the correct number of rows but I cannot get the images and text to appear in the rows and it’s driving me nuts. I suppose I am stubborn enough that I won’t revert to cell-based tables unless I have to but can someone please post (or direct me to) some simple code that explains the bindings and methods needed to show an array of objects containing a single image and a description?

Any help would be appreciated.

You really need to read “Populating a Table View Using Cocoa Bindings” in Xcode help.

Basically, instead of binding columns, you bind the table view’s Content to your array controller. And you also have to bind the table view’s Selection Indexes to your array controller with a Controller Key of selectionIndexes.

Then you bind the Value of the elements of the view to Table Cell View, with a Model Key Path of objectValue., where is the key in the original data.

Thank you for your response and the suggestion. I will read the article. I was under the impression that the array controller was no longer needed due to the presence of the datasource binding.