View your Image Gallery on HD

As creative, ive to inspect a ton of images, all the time. Instead to launch some fancy application to display Big Thumbnails, i coded a little script who does that job for me in our Finder with the push of a button.
Ways to run this script:

  • create a service in Automator and go under System Preferences>Keyboard, assign a shortcut
  • download Keyboard maestro or similar software and assign a nice shortcut
set view_switch to false

tell application "Finder"
	set win1 to Finder window 1
	tell win1
		set cuv to current view
		if cuv is not icon view then
			set current view to icon view
			set view_switch to true
		end if
		if arranged by modification date is false then arranged by modification date
	end tell
	if view_switch is true then
		tell icon view options of win1
			#248 == max icon size
			if icon size < 248 then
				set icon size to 248
				if shows item info is false then set shows item info to true #more description yes
				#set icon size to 50
			end if
			set background color to {32768, 32768, 32768} #grey{55225, 45931, 32867} #brown
		end tell
		tell win1 to set current view to column view
	end if
end tell