Virtual CD-RW


My kids got these Disney MP3 players from their aunt for Christmas. We have an account with iTunes and lots of protected (m4p format) tunes that they want to put on their players. Obviously I can convert them by burning them to a disc and then downloading them again. Easy as that is that option is not overly appealing as I don’t want stacks of CDs lying around that have no use and I always like to do my part where and when I can in not needlessly using resources or adding to land fill clutter.

So after spending this morning trolling the web for any m4p-mp3 conversion options I was a bit disappointed to find that the only ones out there (I found anyway) where some shareware programs that were $30+. I don’t feel like paying that much for something that seems to be pretty achievable with AppleScript or X-Code, iTunes and a virtual CD-RW. (I’m pretty sure this is what the commercial products are using).

Anyway, I can script iTunes and make my way around X-Code but the virtual CD-RW has me stumped. Is there a way (without layers and layers of C code) to create a virtual CD-RW in OS X (10.4)? I’m assuming it is not as simple as say partitioning the drive and designating one partition as a CD-RW but I’m hoping I don’t need the advanced engineering degree to accomplish it either.

Thanks for any help!

So you then want to burn a virtual cd?
How are you going to that?

Perhaps you should look at hdiutil or diskutil? This is the daemon responible voor making a disk image.
To find out more about these daemons open terminal and type: man hdiutil of man diskutil

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