Wake up my mac via applescript?

I want to control my machine via http from around the world. So I activated PHP on my apache on the jaguar machine and made a form in which I insert a code. PHP writes this code into a text file. An applescript reads every 2 minutes this text file - and if there is a special code it will perform an action.
How can I wakeup my machine when I put it to sleep? Any ideas?

I’m not sure “wake up” is what you’re looking for so much as whether or not your mac will “wake up” with any command.

If your Mac is in sleep mode, will anything execute from an outside/incoming source? Meaning, if your mac will serve a page via Apache in sleep mode, it would stand to reason that it would process other actions (like AS) without having to wake it up specifically.

If it won’t serve pages in sleep, it won’t execute AS code either, I’d say.
This puts you in sort of a chicken-before-the-egg sort of situation, no?

Sorry to raise more questions than we’re answering here. :shock:

I know that in OSX Macs can be wakened up via Unix cmds; there is a video recording application called EyeTV that uses this capability.
I read this at Versiontracker.

You may have to install (some parts of) it and further investigate what it does…
(If you do, then please let me know the results)