wake up script for MacBook Pro with lid closed?

Hi guys,

hope you can help…

I have EyeTV on my mac for recording and i would like it to sleep and wake up before recording. It works fine with lid open, but not with lid closed, so i was wondering if there is a script that can bypass the lid closed sensor?

I know of Insomnia, but it bypass the hole sleep funktion, wich i’m not interrestet in.


System: Mac OS X 10.6.3 (10D2125
Model-id: MacBookPro7,1
EyeTV: 3.3.3 (6040)

I’m sure there is not even a wake command. Can someone look into shell scripts?

You cannot wake up a portable Mac with lid closed unless there is connected an external display and external keyboard/mouse.

I just dont understand why i cant bypass the magnet ind the lid, that tells the os x, that it must not wakeup.

That’s not AppleScript. :smiley:

Apple doesn’t allow that for a good reason. An active display while the lid is closed can cause a damage by heat accumulation