Want to write a log file without using a text editor

Hi folks!

I have done much progress with my script for writing a log file of the weights displayed on my scale.

Thanks to Dave from Canada!

To see my previous topic where I got help for writing the script that get the result o the weight, click


At this moment I have this Applescript that works:

But this script needs the application of “Tex-Edit-Plus”.

I am trying to write a script that will record a logfile like this into a plain text file without the need for any application. Just using the resources of Mac OS X. This is an example:

I borrowed part of a script from Macscripter forum, and made this one:

But it doens’t work the way I desire.

I get a message that I already have a file with the name I want to overwrite.

Since I don’t fully understand the sintax of this last script, I ask for your help…

In fact I want this script to run automatically withou prompting me…


Hi fundidor,

See this apple webpage which has a great applescript function for writing to files which includes a method for appending data (which should satisfy your needs as I understand them):