[Wanted] Beta testers to help test Applescript support

Hi. My name is Dominic from Static Z Software. I’m seeking some help testing newly added Applescript support to my screen recording app Iris.

Iris 1.2.0 is currently in beta testing at macdeveloper.net where the beta can be accessed and used for free.

I’m looking for help verifying that everything works correctly, but mostly I’m looking for feedback on the terminology in the scripting definition.

You can find out more about Iris here: staticz.com/iris

Once Applescript support is complete Automator support will be added as well.

– Dominic Feira
Founder, Static Z Software

There have been several updates to the beta with changes to the script terminology. If you have some time and you’d like to help out I’d greatly appreciate it.

Here is a sample script for making a screen recording. There are a lot more options that can be controlled via Applescript, but this simple example gets the point across.

tell application "Iris"
	-- create a new recording (there can only be one at a time)
	make new recording
	tell first recording
		-- reset to defaults
		-- set the recording bounds to the lower left corner of the main screen
		-- with a size of 800x400
		set recording bounds to {x:0.0, y:0.0, width:800, height:400.0}
	end tell
	start first recording located POSIX file "~/Desktop/" named "Recording"
	delay 30
	stop first recording
end tell

– Dominic Feira
Founder, Static Z Software