"Watch Me Do" recording results inconsistent?

Goal: Use automator to import files into Adobe Soundbooth. With the “watch me do” recording option, I created the following events:

Click ‘Adobe Soundbooth CS4’ in the Dock
Press ‘command, shift N’
Click the ‘Edit’ Menu
File… (This is under the “insert” submenu from the “edit” menu)
Click the text field
Type ‘___Current Assets’
Select the row that containts ‘___Current Assets’
Type ’
Select the row that contains 'Untitled Recording 18.wav
Type ’

Sometimes it works, but sometimes, instead, the mouse pointer makes a very slow journey to the Edit menu and then, rather than clicking and selecting insert>file slowly goes down and to the left at 45 degrees for a couple inches and then hovers in that area. Sometimes after ~2-3 minutes the script finally stops and returns an error. Other times, after about 5 minutes, it’s still running so I press the shutdown button on the computer.

Soundbooth has no key commands programmable to Edit>Insert>File so this must be done with mouse clicks.

Also, nothing has changed on my machine (as far as I know) between trials running the script.

Any info on this bug and/or suggestions?


Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: Automator V 2.1
Browser: Safari 533.17.8
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)