way to activate fullscreen visualizer in iTunes?

In my iTunes controller I want a button that will start the visualizer in iTunes in full screen mode. Is this even possible or will I have to resort to ugly GUI scripting?

This is the GUI way to go I guess

tell application  "iTunes" to activate
menu_click({"iTunes", "View", "Visualizer", "iTunes Visualizer"})
menu_click({"iTunes", "View", "Turn On Visualizer"})
menu_click({"iTunes", "View", "Full Screen"})

Hi hendo,

try this:

tell application "iTunes"
	tell browser window 1 to set minimized to false
	set visuals enabled to true
	set full screen to true 
end tell

Note: the visualizer works only (if the iTunes window is) on the main display

ah! excellent! Thanks StefanK!