Way to override default browser

Awhile ago, some kind posters helped me write this script, which permits me to over-ride the user’s default-browser settings and always launch IE, opening a locally stored file. This worked great, however now I need to make it so that it opens a page on the internet instead (while still over-riding the default browser settings). Can anyone tell me what I’d have to change below to get that to work? Let’s use www.apple.com as an example.

set home to path to “cusr”
set theHTMfile to (home as text) & “mylocafile.htm”
tell application “Finder”
set {ieName, ieContainer} to {name, container} of application file id “MSIE”
set pathToIE to ((ieContainer as alias) as text) & ieName
open alias theHTMfile using alias pathToIE
end tell

This works for me…

set theHTMfile to "http://www.apple.com"

tell application "Finder"
	set ieName to name of application file id "MSIE"
end tell

tell application ieName
	open location theHTMfile
end tell