Web based query: a php / mysql and applescript task

I developed an applescript based application that is tailored to the Mac OS platform. This script performs various unix operations on doc and excel files. For the non-mac users who have doc and excel files generated from their PC and would like to have the operation done on their files, I would like to give them the opportunity to go to my website, upload their files into a mysql db using php, have the applescript executed, and finally generate a result at the web interface.

I’d appreciate any sort of feedback whether this is something that can be done without losing too much sleep. I would say I am an advanced beginner in applescript.

Hi marlon4417,

If you only perform various unix operations on the document files with AppleScript to hide those tasks from the user, then I would recommend to NOT use AppleScript for the webserver solution, but to perform those operations directly via PHP/Python/Perl or the scripting language of your choice. They all have access to the shell (much as AppleScript’s «do shell script» command) and can also perform those unix operations on the MS documents. This will save you a lot of time.

But if your AppleScript currently also contains AppleScript-specific operations, then I would recommend a solution like appscript, where you can access AppleScript commands through a scripting language that can also be easily used for CGI programming.

Believe me: This will simplify your task a lot.

P.S.: I guess you will also be interested in this software.