Web View?

How can I use Webkit in my app, like a small browser in ASOC. Can you include code. I know how to add the Webkit Framework. I just need code and the key components in the window because I have a feeling that I’m missing something.

Go to Xcode Help, type in WebKit, and look for “Introduction to WebKit Objective-C Programming Guide”. That has everything you want – you just have to convert from ObjC to ASObjC. Yell when you get stuck on a bit of code.

I don’t know Cocoa at all. :lol:
I was hoping someone can give me the code that would just process the website and send it to “webview.” I will do the objects and everything, just not the loading and processing that URL. Please help!

This sounds like a good project to get started with.

If you just want to take a URL and make the page appear in a web view, it was posted here recently. Have a look around…

Here is an article on create a mini web browser using AppleScript Studio.

It has objective-C calls using the old call methods. This code can be converted to ASOC. Another route is what Shane suggested, and find the Cocoa code to convert.

Threads from MacScripter on WebView, in the AppleScript Studio area:

OK, I found everything out, EXCEPT THE USER FILTER (A.K.A. if I type in “google.com” it will be changed to “http://www.google.com/”). Can someone help me on that? Please no advice this time because I have tried to do the filter and nothing I’ve tried works.