Webkinz Script - is it even possible???


My three year old enjoys playing with her Webkinz, but I do not enjoy having to enter in her user and password for her everytime. For those of you who do not know, Webkinz is online stuffed animals, games, etc…

I’ve never written an Applescript, but attended a ADC ages ago and this sounds like the sort of thing that would be useful. I want to bring up a webpage in Safari, which I was able to prototype.

But then it appears Webkinz uses Flash. I want to be able to go to the first text entry and put the username, second text entry password then hit enter…

Is it even possible to do this since it is Flash?

Here’s the URL page:

And the source:

Welcome to Webkinz™ - a Ganz website

The page is not seeming very accessible, which might be another thing to try…

If anyone has any ideas or can tell me to just give up…that would be great!

Thanks so much! Lisa

I don’t know about apple scripting it, but there is a product for Automator that might do what you need. Its called Virtual Input and you can look at it at http://labcoat.tauniverse.com/virtualinput/index.html . I never actually used it because I found early on that Automator just didn’t give me enough freedoms so I had to learn how to script. It looked promising though if Automator is a route you want to try.