WebPage Helper

I found out that this doesn’t seem to work any longer with Lion.
I’ve corrected the path to lsregister that is no longer in Launchservices.framework but in CoreServices.framework
but still the script fails.
Should it work or did Apple change things that make it no longer working ?


There was (very) recent discussion of this here:


… but the links to RCDefaultAPP (already) appear to be broken.

In Tiger (no, I still haven’t ‘graduated’), RCDefaultAPP, MisFox and More Internet were all utilities that could register browser protocols.

All appear to be ‘defunk’ now… but my copies are Universal. Hoping they’ll still work in Snow Leopard… when I get there.

Peter B.

I’ve looked into these but they don’t cover (I think) what is WebPage Helper, that is installed by an Applescript and enables running AppleScripts launched from a weblink, with a special ‘url’ webpagehelper://

When I try to run the examples at that link
they don’t work.

When I click the links the app webpagehelper is started but closes at once, I can just see it very briefly.
I changed the script to a very short one, juts displaying a message and nothing else in the on openURL handler.
Could this have something to do with 64bits instead of 32 ?

Okay… I was guessing the script (for whatever reason) could no longer ‘register’ itself as a protocol helper in Lion, and that if you registered (e.g.) webpagehelper:// as a protocol ‘manually’ (using one of the mentioned utilities), the links might work.

But if the app appears to be ‘responding’ (however lamely) to clicked links something else would seem to be wrong.

It’s doubtful that it will work in Lion either, but you might take a look at this:


… my own approach to the script browser protocol.

Peter B.

Just loaded your product an thanks for this.
But in Lion it’s marked as not compatible, when webpagehelper isn’t marked that way.
Maybe it’s just an issue of not being compiled under Lion but I cannot tell…

I’ll look further into what gets this to vanish just after start (not seen much in the logs, just a whole set of scripting additions not accepted

"Console: Performance: Please update this scripting addition to supply a value for ThreadSafe for each event handler: “/Library/ScriptingAdditions/xxx.osax”
most of these being recent satimage (smile) ones but also some others - and this appears in the log window when I click on the link in the webiste and webpagehelper starts…

Not expert to make a sense out of this and link it (or not) to the issue…

Most embarassing… I thought the app posted at the site was Universal, but in fact it’s PowerPC only.

I’ll get a Universal version up later in the day.

Sorry to have wasted your time.

The error dialog you quoted doesn’t mean much to me, I’m afraid. When are you seeing it?


You should’nt feel embarrassed. I’m most grateful that you try helping me.
These appear when I have on one hand the console log window open, Safari opened on the webpage helper link and when I click on one of the demo links.
Then I see in the top bar, webpage helper as the running app less than one second, and these lines are written in the console.

Maybe it’s just a check made whenever an AppleScript is launcher.

I’ll gladly taxe a look at the universal version, when available.

Thanks again

I just uploaded a Universal version…


You will need one of the utilities discussed to register Missing Link as a protocol.

Please let me know whether it works for you or not.

(I heard from one user that it still worked as of Snow Leopard… I sent him a Universal version directly.)

Peter B.


I can get it to work now, with the new version.
Will test my specific application now.

Btw: Webpage Helper, the protocol doesn’t seem to stick and after setting to protocol “webpagehelper” to webpage helper.app it ended up in TotalTerminal which I removed (for testing), and now to CocoaApplet (before that there was an instance of an applet that was linked to it)
maybe it’s got something to do with the com.apple.AppleScript.WebpageHelper that is not good ?

Thanks a lot.


Glad to hear ML still works in Universal form on Lion… thanks for reporting back.

My only suggestion about Web Page Helper would be to trash your existing copy and download another. Before attempting to use the new copy, rebuild the Launch Services database (Onyx or some other utility can do this). You might want to change the name of the protocol before use… but it may make no difference.

Good Luck.

Peter B.