whack tracks, no convert

I’m using Automator to select all songs rated at one star in iTunes and want to permanently delete these.
Can somebody help an AppleScript/Automator idget (n00b would be insulting to those who know way more about it than I do!) out?



welcome to MacScripter :slight_smile:

here is a plain applescript, handle with care! :wink:

tell application "iTunes" to delete (tracks of library playlist 1 whose rating is 20)

you can paste it into a Run AppleScript action in Automator instead of (* Your script goes here*)

thanks for the input, stefan. I hope to be able to learn a lot from you lot. Questions, though:

will this leave a bunch of dead tracks in my playlist, or will iTunes remove them when it deletes the tracks?
Playlist 1 is, I assume, the playlist which is currently selected, or is it the default Music library?


Playlist 1 is the main library and the tracks will be removed from iTunes