What can I script with Printer Setup Utility (and what can I not)?

What can I script with Printer Setup Utility (and what can I not)?

I have a few Quark scripts which work fine but I seem to lose whatever settings I have set in the Printer dialog (like tray(“paper feed”), paper handling, etc.)

all the stuff you specify when you click on the “Printer…” button at the bottom.

Hi auto

Think most of the stuff when you click printer is from the actual printer PPD not the
printer set up utility.
You need to be setting that info via quark i guess?
But if like you say

you must be doing something right!!

This is how I use the print utility and
quark settings. Hope it helps.

tell application "Printer Setup Utility"
	set current printer to printer "printerName"
end tell

tell application "QuarkXPress"
	tell print setup of document 1
		--layout settings
		set tiling to off
		set registration marks to centered
		set registration marks offset to "12 pt" --or whatever size you want
		set absolute overlap to false
		set page sequence to all pages
		set separation to false
		set collate to false
		set back to front to false
		set print spreads to false
		set print thumbnails to false
		set include blank pages to false
		--setup settings
		set printer type to "PPD Name" --PPD name from print dialog in quark
		set paper size to "Custom"
		set paper width to "paper widthsize"
		set paper height to "paper height size"
		set reduce or enlarge to "100%"
		set page position to center position
		set orientation to portrait
		set paper offset to "0 pt"
		set page gap to "0 pt"
		set print colors to composite CMYK
		set resolution to "4000"
		set halftone screen to "400"
		--opions settings
		set flip horizontal to false
		set flip vertical to false
		set invert image to false
		set print quality to normal
		set data format to binary data
		set fit in area to false
		set full res rotated objects to false
		--set overprint eps black to true
	end tell
	tell custom bleeds setup 1 of document 1
		set EPS bleed type to symmetric
		set EPS bleed to ".125\""
		set bleed type to symmetric
		set bleed to ".125\""
		set bleed clipping to true
	end tell
	tell OPI setup 1 of document 1
		set OPI active to true
	end tell
end tell