What does 'SING', 'SINC' and 'MINIC' really mean?

Hi all

Here the explanation of my new Linuxbased naming convention:

  • SING - ‘SING is no grabber’ means ‘Sucker Is No Grabber’

  • SINC - ‘SINC is no compressor’ means ‘Serialnumber-Decoder/Encoder Is No Compressor’

  • MINIC - ‘MINIC is not iClean’ means ‘Myclean Is Not IClean’

All my script solutions now are distributed under the GNU General Public License!

Njoy the code and have fun with scripting!


The conversion table offers 1.97695876971053E+38 theoretical possible combinations of definitions (255 * 254 * … * 241* 240).

To breakdown the code, you will have to go through every possible combination and reconvert it using all possible shiftings to recreate the original text without having the appropiate decoder-algorithm available (when trying to crack it).

This means 123 possible upshifts and 64 possible downshifts result in 187 * 1.97695876971053E+38 = 3.69691289935869E+40 possible combinations totally.

If you would write software that generates the text of all these combinations, it would result in a very very long list of text strings that a human beeing has to study in order to recognize the useful words like names and to sort out the trash.

There is only one valid combination out of 3.69691289935869E+40.

If we reduce the amount of sensefull characters (ASCII numbers from 65 to 122 - easy readable by human beeings) in the table definition there are still 1.40727467839098E+29 possible combinations left.

Multiplicated with the shift factor it results in 2.63160364859113E+31 possibilities totally.

Is this safe enough :slight_smile: ?