what happens to an application script if the user is switched

Hi all,

I have an application script that’s constantly running as a specific user. The script is watching for files to appear on mounted drives and if it finds any it processes the files, copying them to and fro across a network. Can you tell me what happens to the processes that are running if the user is switched? I’m presuming that they’re suspended until the user is switched back again and then they’ll continue running? anyone know if this is the case? Ideally I would like them to continue to run even if the user is switched but I don’t think this is possible.


Hi, I’m looking for something like that too…
Can you post what you’ve got so far? but I don’t think I can make it working between multiple accounts…


as you can send Remote Apple Events to another user, an application script should work even if the user is not active.
But why don’t you just test it? :wink:


Ok Stefan, I took your advise and did that whole testing thing!! I switched the user and then dropped a file in the volume being watched by the application running from the other user and it processed as expected. Thanks for your comments, I must try that testing thing again, it seems to work quite well :smiley:

I would be glad to help with your problem if you could specify in detail what you would like to do. My application has 1563 lines of code and would not be practical to post here.


blend3, nevermind, I also found it :smiley:
1563 lines ? -you’ve beaten me, I’ve got 673 lines…
Thanks anyway :slight_smile: