What is different in AppleScripting Illustrator CS

I have this nifty book that tells you all about scripting Adobe Illustrator with Visual Basic and AppleScript. I am just now getting around to using but I now have Illustrator CS. What is different about AppleScripting this version. I tried the following script from the book and got an error with the word item.

tell application “Illustrator CS”
set myDoc to make new document
set myTextArt to make new text art item in myDoc with properties {contents:“I think I might like Illustrator.”, position: {10, 10}}
end tell

I’m wondering if I can use this book now. :frowning:

The big change is in text, just as it is in the UI. No more “text art items”, replaced by “text frames”. These frames now contain “stories”. To address the text in a frame, you address the “text range” rather than the “text” (but there’s a bad bug when you try to store a text range, so don’t do that).

Shane Stanley

Thank you Shane. It has taken me awhile to get back here on acount of I was laying hardwood floors for the past week in my house. Thanks for the help.