What is your AppleScript editor?

I don’t know if this poll was run before, so…
I use lots all know editors, and even code and execute things from Tex-Edit Plus’ “Quick Script…” submenu, so I can’t vote really for no one. :wink:


It IS hard to vote for just one editor. I typically use Smile to write/debug the core code and then wrap that up in a GUI using AppleScript Studio.

My 2¢,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

How many times may I vote for Script Debugger? :wink:

I do a lot of testing in both Smile and Apple’s Script Editor. Several times, I’ve been caught by a syntax “gotcha” in Smile, where I had to change a variable name to avoid a syntax problem in my generic script libraries.

I use Script Debugger almost exclusively and I can’t say enough good things to do it justice. SD simply rocks.

I have a license for Scripter Personal Edition but it isn’t OS X compatible and, since I don’t use it, I’d be glad to give it to one of the regular contributors here on the BBS. Contact me if interested.

– Rob