What version of Applescript do I have?

Hi All

I am trying to find out what version of Applescript I should have on my iMac.

I have OSX 10.4 (Tiger) and according to Apples documentation it should be 1.2. When I execute

Get Applescript’s version in Script editor or XCode(2.1 - about to upgrade to 2.2) I get 1.10

So should I have 1.2 or 1.10?

Any insights would be gratefully recieved



Hi, Paul.

1.10 is correct. The very latest version I have with OS 10.4.5 is 1.10.3. Version 1.2 must have been several years ago. I know that 1.3.7 (with OS 8.6) was about 1997/1998.

Hi Nigel

Thanks for your response that help remove my confusion.

I have been hanging off upgrading to 10.4.5, Did you have any problems doing the upgrade?