WhatRoute 1.7 scriptable application

WhatRoute 1.7
A copy of WhatRoute 1.7 is included with Mac OS 9.1. This is a free scriptable application by Bryan Christianson based on the UNIX traceroute command. Using AppleScript, you can query, ping or trace IP addresses or domain names, using a simple command such as ‘trace http://www.macsurfer.com.’ Unfortunately, this apparently only triggers the operation, rather than returning a usable result; you have to examine the result in the application’s window. The Mac OS 9.1 installation CD contains WhatRoute in the WhatRoute subfolder of the CDExtras folder. If you download the Mac OS 9.1 updater, you can obtain WhatRoute by using Apple’s unsupported TomeViewer utility to extract it from the Mac OS 9.1 system software tome file, or, if you prefer, by downloading it from The WhatRoute Page. The WhatRoute documentation is useful, but it says nothing about AppleScript support. 2/6/01