What's a good Rapid Application Developer tool for Mac OS 8.1?

Hey, does anyone even know if there is a RAD for Mac OS 8.1
and is NOT ResEdit? RE is a Resource Editor… I am looking for
somthing similar to VB… Not actually VB, but the feel of it.

In order to do what? Applescript or something else? You can write scripts in Script Editor, and there used to be a version of Satimage’s SMILE for “classic” Mac OS, though I don’t know if it is around anymore.

The “original” developer tools for “classic” Mac OS was Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop. There were also versions of Pascal (by Codewarrior) and RealBASIC, though I doubt any of those are available anymore.

Hope this helps.

I use REALBasic extensively for cross platform programming on our Windows machines and Linux workstations / servers.

I believe it also works without problems on OSX, and Classic on Macs.
Not sure if there is a classic mac version of REALBasic, but programs created on the OSX version can also be compiled for classic as well.
Though you might need the Pro version to do that.

Check it out www.realsoftware.com

Check out FaceSpan. I forget what the version number was but I used to use it on MacOS 8.1.