whats better for preferences??

Ok, so I am trying to make my first preference window and I just need a bit of advice. First of all is better to have your preferences in your mainmenu.nib or should you make a seperate nib? second, should i create a new applescript for the prefs or just do everything in the 1 script?

I always use Bindings. (I just read the defaults in the handler that is going to use them.)

i think there might be some things that my prefs do that bindings won’t support. But i will use bindings for a few things. What i have planned for a prefs are: - change the image of an image view

  • Change the colour of some text in a text field (i think i can use bindings for that)
  • allow the user to assign custom hotkeys to the menu items
  • automatically check for updates on startup (sparkle can do this for me)

i want all this stuff to be remembered on relaunch.

Also, I usually have two files, one for the actual work (on clicked, on open, etc.) and one for “support” stuff (preferences, on will finish launching, on awake from nib, etc.).

I’m just now starting to do that with my app as my primary script in the app has gotten to around 3500 lines and sometimes has trouble compiling when I add to it. My question is in IB when I select an interface element an look in the applescript section of the element inspector window I can only point that element at one of the scripts not both so how do you do some stuff in one script and other suff in another? How do you get one element to send different events to different scripts?

The “Display Panel” developer example shows how to do this…