What's the best way to make the standard window disappear

When starting a Applescript Application the MainMenu.xib that’s generated contains a window.
I’m in a position where i don’t want this window. Instead I’m going to load a nib files contaning just a window so that i have a MainMenu and a nib file. The reason for this is that this nib file will be loaded several times so i get several instances of it and its windows. If i build this window in MainMenu.xib i can’t load several instances it.

Anyways. What’s the best way to go about. Just make it invisible isn’t the best i figure.
I can let it load and the close it and have “realesed when closed” checked, but the best option would be not to load it at all.

Any idea on this?


I may be misunderstanding your question, but would simply unchecking the “visible at launch” box for MainMenu.xib (under window attributes in Interface Builder) accomplish what you are wanting to do?


Yes… But isn’t the window loaded then?

The thing is that i’m never gone use that window and then it seems like a waste of memory to have it loaded but not visible. If that’s the case.

If you don’t use the window at all, why don’t you delete the window in Interface Builder?

This is embarressing. :rolleyes:

I’ve tried that before (I thought…), and then it wouldn’t let me delete it. But your right StefanK.