Where can I find some maintenance scripts?

Where can I (a total newbie) find some scripts for maintenence (as in the daily, monthly, and weekly things you can do in MacJanitor) and to update prebindings? I’m trying to put together a simple first app in Xcode, and would like it to be somewhat useful! I’d appreciate any suggestions.

The Daily, Monthly and Weekly scripts are UNIX commands shells that are executed. You can look it http://www.macosxhints.com for maintenance scripts.

They are all listed (with the appropriate path) under the system crontab. (You can see this as root). You can then take this “executeable statement” as basically wrap it in a do shell script.

Take a look at our scriptbuilders section, in particular see…


Thanks, those were really helpful. However, the weekly script dosen’t work, it just freezes the Terminal. I’m in Panther, could that be a problem?

The weekly script takes a few minutes to run, are you sure it is “freezing” the terminal.app?