Where did Apple's language guide go?

I’ve always used Apple’s Language Guide pages for quick lookups of AppleScript syntax, but now they’re 404. Well, OK…I’ll download the PDF as directed by the Scripting and Additions List. But that’s 404, too!

So, where to go for an indexed reference guide?


I was wondering the same thing. I clicked on the link today to check something and it appears to be gone.


I hope I can find the PDF I saved a while ago, but I hope more that the html version is back online soon as well.

Please search on Scribd…

Despite error 404, the link you’re looking for is mentioned on the same page…

read without haste :cool:

Apple must have fixed it. That link was actually broken when these original posts were made yesterday, and no new requested page link was included like it is now. It was a straight 404 with no resolution. The links for both the html and pdf versions were broken on the applescript page of the scripting and documentation area of the developer connection site as well. I am very glad that Apple has it fixed now, and I have downloaded the PDF so that I have it available for the next time that they are moving things around for a day.

Contacting ADC seemed to be going nowhere, so I phoned it in as AppleCare issue and got a case opened on Tuesday. Don’t know if that made any difference, but it sure felt good to be able to address the matter; shed years of documentation frustration :wink:

We have put together a list of AppleScript Reference Guides.
The links all work and they are check regularly to ensure they are up to date.


Good luck with your AppleScripting…