Where do I start?

I just successfully installed Xcode 2.5 Developer Tools. First question: do I delete from my Desktop the Xcode Tools icon that contained what I downloaded from the internet?
Second question: I am tempted to explore Macintosh HD>Developer>Applications>Interface Builder and >Xcode. Would it be a mistake to do so?

Here’s an example of what is so frustrating about searching for information on the internet. Yesterday I registered for a free membership on the ADC site. Today I installed Xcode. Documentation that came with it referred me to the ADC site for a free membership and Carbon and Cocoa tutorials. I logged onto the ADC site and can’t do anything with it because I’m not a Premier member. If I had spent on books the time I’ve wasted going down blind html alleys, I’d know a lot more about programming than I do.

Guess what happens when you click on this link in Interface Builder Help:

AppleScript Studio
Perhaps the easiest way to create a fantastic Mac OS X native application is with AppleScript Studio. By combining an application framework with a development environment, AppleScript Studio allows developers to provide sophisticated user interfaces for applications that execute AppleScript scripts. AppleScript Studio is included with the Xcode Tools.


Hmm, the page you’re looking for can’t be found.

I’m puzzled. What led me here was an accidental encounter with an AppleScript Studio tutorial. My curiosity aroused, I went searching for AppleScript Studio (the application) and couldn’t find it. I did find this site, though, with this discussion board dedicated to AppleScript Studio & Xcode. And on it I learned that AppleScript Studio is contained in Xcode.
I found, downloaded, and installed a version of Xcode appropriate for my machine, and as I go through Xcode Help I find no reference to AppleScript Studio. Have I hyper-linked to the Twilight Zone?

What’s most ironic is, the site on which I found the AppleScript Studio tutorial that started me on this journey doesn’t have a tutorial for Xcode, which is where the journey led. Huh. That’s funny, isn’t it.
I think I’ll just go to bed.

A good way to start is reading the sample project Curremcy Converter.
You can find the source and many other examples in /Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio


Do it! Start a new AppleScript application with Xcode (version 3.1 pictured); Then, note the important files: The default .applescript file, the .nib (or .xib) file, and the dictionary (AppleScriptKit.sdef).

See also:
AppleScript Studio Programming Guide
AppleScript Studio Terminology Reference

My understanding of the subject took a quantum inch forward when I observed that Xcode sports a dock icon eerily similar to that of which the tutorial I am scouting refers to as “Project Builder”. What’s this!? Three doors, three keys. Man, did you hear those tumblers click? :stuck_out_tongue: