Where has PlistLib gone?

Hey everyone. I’m writing an application that I intend to read and write data from and to a .plist file, but I can’t find PlistLib anywhere. The website is no longer there, and I haven’t found any download mirrors. Many thanks in advance if anyone can provide it for me.

If you are referring to “The Little Page of AppleScripts” web site, I have PListLib. Let me know how to get it to you. It’s a cryin’ shame that all of that great code is unavailable. :frowning:

I think I’ll try again to contact HAS and see if he’ll let me host his stuff or upload it to ScriptBuilders. Based on what’s available at his new site, his interests have shifted to Python.

– Rob

Thank you! If it’s small enough, just E-mail it to dsorresso@[spamblock].ilstu.edu.

EDIT: Could you include the documentation, as well? If the file is too big, E-mail me and I’ll set you up on an FTP server to upload it to.

It should be waiting in your mailbox. It’s only about 108 KB (with all of the documentation that was included when I downloaded it).

– Rob

HI Rob, all … we will be fixing this issue very soon, so please be patient. :wink:

Our hope is that AppleMods will be back much stronger than before.

Great! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

– Rob

Okay, next question. Do you have the version of ASLoader before its name was changed to just “loader”? All I could get was loader, and it’s not playing nicely with the test script for PListLib. I’ve been screwing around with this thing for hours, and it still insists that loadLib() is not defined in loader (even though it is). The definition is located inside the script loader inside of the makeLoader definition (the PListLib test script called on a function called newLoader(), which I assume had changed to makeLoader). Do I have to do something special to call functions in libraries that are embedded in scripts?

It’s on its way, along with my disclaimer that I am not familiar enough with it to offer advice.

– Rob