Where is event log and results window?

I have finally made the switch to OS X and am trying to learn this new AS Studio. But I am used to doing all my scripting work in either script editor or FacesSpan. Could someone please clue me into where these are in AS Studio (event log and results window). :?:

As far as I know, these don’t exist in Project Builder. Insane? Yes, if you ask me.

AppleScripters have to get used to the “debugger” model to debug code. I loathe this overly complex, nearly useless method myself. But Cocoa/Obj-C programmers should find it peachy. :x

What I do, as a result, is do all I can in Script Editor or Script Debugger and the copy/paste into PB.

It’s not pretty and it’s not elegant.

A neat feature is the run log. Put this in your AppleScript Studio script where you want it:

log (variable or whatever)

and it will send the output to Project Builder in the run log tab. This is a great alternative to using display dialog all the time!

James Badger

I should add that if you are having problems with this, try this instead:

tell me to log (variable, string, etc)

This forces your program to log it and have it displayed in PB, instead of accidently telling the Finder (or something else) to log it. :wink: