where is xcode?

this is likely a very dumb question…sorry! I have just bought my first computer. I am familiar with PCs, but not Mac. I have the book: AppleScript Studio Programming, by Jerry Lee Ford Jr, and am attempting to work my way through it.

I just had my computer upgraded to 10.4, so at least now the screen of my computer looks the same as I see in the book.

However, the book, on page 19, says, “Double-click on the Xcode icon located in /Developer/Applications.”

But, no, I see nothing by that name there. Is the writer of the book assuming that I am smart enough to realize that I was supposed to download it, from somewhere?

Could someone please tell me the secret to this?

thank you very much!

Model: iBook
Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)


you have to install Apple’s Developer Tools separately.
You find them on the system DVD or get the newest version with a free ADC Online Membership at


Stefan replied, and so fast too! However, sorry, Stefan, I do need what you said, to be translated, for me. I have some questions about what you said. You said,:

you have to install Apple’s Developer Tools separately.
You find them on the system DVD or get the newest version with a free ADC Online Membership at


And my questions are: 1: where do you get this ‘Apple’s Developer Tools’? In a store? On line? Whoops, I think you did answer this, but, sorry, I don’t speak ‘computer’ all that well, so I need to ask, what is a ‘system DVD’?

and I guess my other option, besides the ‘system DVD’ is to go the link above, and get a free ADC Online Membership.

Please know, guys, that I am very serious about learning this…I just don’t speak computer. So, another question, : Is the ‘free membership’ really free? And is there a catch to it that you all know about, and that I don’t?

thank you! Each time that I have posted here I have had a reply so fast! I hope you don’t feel you are wasting your time. I will learn this! It just takes me a bit of time.

So, do I just click on the link above, and find something that says Apple Developer Tools? Or only look for something that says ‘Xcode’ or…?

Again, thanks!

system DVD is your Tiger DVD, where you can install the operating system from

Yes, the Online Membership is totally free, the advantage is, you get always the newest version of Xcode

Xcode is a part of the Developer Tools, the download on the developer sites is called Xcode

The latest version of XCode is available here.

You guys are great! Now I will go away, quietly and use all the info you have given me, and see what I can do!

Thanks again!

Ok…I joined the free membership thing…and now have downloaded the Xcode 2.4.1. So, does this mean this is all I need to do? I couldn’t really understand the ‘Read Me’ thing. Can I now start using my AppleScript stuff?

thanks again, and PLEASE don’t assume that I know anything!

Install the XCode package and you will have a folder at the root level of your hard drive called “Developer.” Inside that you will find folder labeled “Applications” (where XCode and Interface Builder are), “Utilities” (where “Icon Composer” and “Help Indexer” are) and a bunch of other stuff, including an “Examples” folder. In the “Examples” folder is a folder called “AppleScript Studio.” The example programs are there. Open one of them and try building it in XCode (use the hammer icon in the toolbar) and then run it (the circle with the right pointing triangle, just like a “play” button on a tape deck).

Open the script files in the project and get a feel for what the program is doing. Try making some changes, or work one of the examples from the book you have.

You’re starting a journey that (I hope) you enjoy. We’ll help explain things when you get stuck.

Have fun!

Thanks SO much! I will print the above post, and take it with me tonight to a Mac Users meeting, and get them to guide me through it!

I really appreciate all your help! I have downloaded Xcode, and have seen some of the things that the book shows…which is an improvement of what I was seeing last week, before I upgraded.

By the way, in the System info below, what should I be putting in there, for ‘Applescript version’? And do you need more than just ‘Safari’ for the Browser? I want to do this right.

Thanks again,

Model: iBook
Browser: Safari
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

If you’re using OS X 10.4 (Tiger) your Applescript version is most likely 1.10.7 (assuming you’ve run all the updates in Software Update). I don’t bother with the 3rd number, usually, and just say “1.10.”

Yes, “Safari” is fine. You can add the version number, if you like. Right now I’m using the Safari 3 beta, so my version is 3.0.2.

Just a side note - It’s good to see new people picking up programming! I remember fondly my first Apple //e, and learning to write programs in BASIC and assembly language and Pascal. Ah, those were the days…

Thanks again. I went to the Mac Users meeting, and a member there very kindly, on the spot, burned me a DVD with many little videos he has saved over the years, so that I can learn more about basics, and I suspect, more than that. So I will be working on this, and continuing to learn about AppleScript.