Which is the best application to make PDFs with AppleScript

Trying to work out which ways cheapest for a client, but can do the job.

  1. InDesign CS2 > Export PDF – Best but pricey
  2. Illustrator CS2 > Save PDF – Not multipage
  3. Quark 6.5 > Export PDF – Good but pricey

They are expensive solutions

  1. PHP 5 > PDFlib 7 – Cheap but not AppleScript

Is next too nothing but not AppleScript (Is there something like PDFLib 7 for AppleScript)

Not too complex of a project, can draw boxes and lines, add text with fonts and size, no colour. Imported graphics (bitmap & vector), Add PDF table of contents and hyperlinks inside the document from page to page.

Absolutely free would be best :slight_smile: Come on Mac OS X is based on PDF there must be something. Many be method calls in AppleScript Studio.

Some one told me Smile but that seem to be a IDE environment not PDF.

Look forward to your repose.

I use Apple’s PSTOPDF shell command in conjunction wiht PDFTK http://www.pdfhacks.com/pdftk/

I’m not sure what files you are trying to convert to a PDF but if PSTOPDF can convert them it comes with the mac os and PDFTK is free.

I also recommend that you DO NOT use Quark’s Export to PDF function I have had mutiple complaints and problems using that method

if you can afford it Acrobat is the best most reliable way to make a PDF after all Adobe did make PDF

good luck