Which widget should I use for this?

I am now working on a preferences pane for my application.

I have 3 different lists in my program that users should be able to specify. One of the lists can be an arbitrary length, one has a maximum of 8 items, and the last has a maximum of 16 items.

I was thinking of using a TableView with a +/- button to configure the new items, or remove the items, but I wasn’t sure if there’s an easy way to do this, with options for limiting the number of items.

These need to get dumped into a simple Apple Script list format, and written to the user defaults.

Still new to Mac development so sorry if this is obvious! Searching for things online always turns up iOS development.

A table sounds the logical choice, but you will have to handle the limits in code (probably disabling the + button when you reach the limit). The easiest way to do tables is generally to use bindings.

Yes, I figured it out, bought your book :slight_smile: