why cant i do this

i would like to do my repeat like so:

repeat with h from firstRow to loopValue

where firstRow and loopValue are variables that have been defined earlier using a prompt.

Whith this loop my prog wont work, without the firstRow and replacing that with1 then it works.

But i would like it to work as stated.
Any ideas or solutions??

h → temporal variable name assigned in every loop. value = integer.
firstRow → must be an integer; the first value for “h”
loopValue → integer; when “h” is higher than this value, it will break the repeat loop


set testH to {}
repeat with h from 1 to 5
     set end of testH to h
end repeat
testH --> {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

So, make sure that both “firstRow” and “loopValue” are numbers, and “loopValue” is higher than “firstRow” (in its basics)

yeah oops.

That does make sense, never really occured to me that loopValue should be more, but then ths actually VERY obvious.